Arthritis should be approached considering the state of Vata, Pitta,  Kapha and ama. By considering all these we are treating the root cause of the arthritis instead of just the symptoms. Ayurveda considers arthritis to be caused by an increase of  the doshas, which disturb digestion, resulting in ama. The ama is then absorbed through the colon and gets deposited in the joints where it causes the typical stiffness and pain of arthritis. Eliminating the formation of ama and removing the ama from the joints is the general treatment. It is also important todetermine if the joint is warm or cold. If the joint feels warm, cold     should be applied. If the joint feels cold, then use heat. Many types of  arthritis are aggravated by the nightshade family of plants which includes tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant so these should be avoided. All type of arthritis can benefit from taking 1 teaspoon triphala at night with warm water  (1/2 to 1 cup of water). 

    - for Vata type arthritis (cracking, popping, dry, cold joints which are painful upon movement)
        - avoid Vata increasing foods and lifestyle
        - yogaraj guggulu tablets
        - apply mahanaryan oil to the joint and use moist heat
    - for Pitta type arthritis (inflamed, hot, swollen, joints which are painful even without movement)
        - avoid Pitta increasing foods and lifestyle
        - kaishore guggulu tablets
        - apply castor or coconut oil to the joint
        - if the joint is hot or inflamed apply an ice bag
    - for Kapha type arthritis (stiff, swollen, cold, clammy joints that feel better with movement -the pain is usually worse in the            morning and as the person starts moving around the joint feels better)
        - avoid Kapha increasing foods and lifestyle
        - punarnava guggulu tablets
        - apply a paste of calamus root powder to the joint
        - when their is excess fluid in the joint apply a paste of equal parts punarnava powder and ginger root powder to the                 joint

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